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The rules that I was quoted on and forced to adhere by here are not accessible except by direct link. They are also outdated; I'm aware they are being updated but unless these rules are publicly accessible under the Arma 3 tab in Servers and Information or in the forums themselves, I would say they are not able to be enforced - how can people follow rules they can't find or know about?

Also, a reply to my application would be awesome.

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Thomas, I agree.

I am the one responsible for the rules update and it's still a work in progress.

While they were being worked on there have been no rules in place. I know some people have been quoting rules left right and centre, but the truth of the matter is that we have not discussed the rules, new or old.
Hopefully I can get these revised rules up and agreed on in the next day or so and then we can all get on with life.

FYI your application is currently being discussed, not everyone has been available lately (families and school holidays etc) so we'll let you know real soon.

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