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Server rules (and other stuff) incoming brace yourselves!

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Hello all,


I've been a little busy lately with work / life / everything else and have only just got back on the server to play and fix.


The first thing I noticed was that the server rules didn't make it across from our last hosting box...


I've also noticed that because of this, there are a lot of things going on in the Tanoa server that will need to be addressed in the very near future.


The other admins and I will be getting together over the next few days to hammer out a new set of rules and once they are posted they will be LAW.


There will be no grey areas, no discussion, no wriggle room. If it's in the rules, you abide by them.


Once the rules are put up, if you have something that is breaking the rules, you will receive a message from the admins to correct it. There will be a grace period to rectify the issue.

Some of the things that will be addressed are; Trader camping, Sky bases, Bases over roads, Bases close to traders and bridges, bases near loot zones. 


Tanoa is a new map, and we are all getting to grips with it. As a community driven team, we welcome your input to certain features and aspects of the server. When we are deciding on adding features, or making changes that affect server balance, we will create voting topics on the forum and ask for the community's input. If you don't vote, you don't make yourself heard.


Before this becomes a wall of text, i'm just going to finish off with this advice for requests for help.


If you need assistance with anything on the server, you have TWO options only.


Get on the teamspeak server, get into the Arma 3 waiting room (it is literally the 2nd available channel) and if there is someone in the Staff on Duty channel they will assist you ASAP. If you haven't been noticed after 5 minutes, then use the poke function to get their attention (hey, I might be getting myself a coffee)

The other option is right here on this website. At the top of the screen under the banner is a Support Ticket button. Go there and use it, we will respond.

The admins are not on the server 24/7, but we try to help as much as we can.

If you're going to accuse someone of something, or request compensation for something, you're going to need proof.

All modern video cards have the ability to record gameplay. Nvidia's shadowplay by default will give you the last 20mins at the press of a button. Steam allows you to take screenshots. Learn to use these tools.


See what you made me do, this was supposed to NOT be a wall of text. Why are you still reading this? Bugger off already!

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