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  1. In the last two nights, I have had increasing concerns about some specific staff members blatantly abusing their powers. They know who they are & I know for a fact that I as well as multiple other players on the server will not be standing for the increase in abuse of powers. I would like to point out that admins SHOULD be logging out of admin & joining under a different arma id so that there is no way they can abuse their admin powers, on this note I would like to thank Ninjah for actually doing this. We also have sufficient evidence that the accused admin is abusing his powers blatantly, ghosting for specific friends & will continue to do so unless punished in some way. This community / server had a lot of potential until this drama started arising. We once AGAIN have evidence (recordings) of this happening in game in the last few nights. I can also speak from personal experience that this specific admin is more than happy to spawn in items, vehicles & in game currency without any proof as long as you are "friends" with them. Situation of last nights events: Players close to the admin breaking rules Players get proven wrong Admin claims there are no rules Admin claims his friends can't dupe Admin starts ignoring players calling him out 30 mins later new players attempt to raid base / distract us from "ghost" During raid doors & gates start randomly closing on our vehicles & in game characters Players that were killed keep coming back with full sets of gear (ghillies etc) Concrete door & keypad randomly "vanishes" during the raid Raid ends soon after The thing that annoys me about this whole situation was the fact that there was clear admin interference with the game play, players who were never seen on the server have full sets of gear as well as an armoured vehicle, they kept running back in from different areas with full sets of gear and once the whole situation had ended completely different players (lol) come and attempt to raid the base through the area where the door was removed. Upon logging on though they immediately left the area driving towards the safe zone in the same vehicle that was used earlier to raid our base..... hmmmm haha. Now it gets better, from there these players don't do a single thing on the server for the next two hours, they simply wait until restart and for us not to log back on. These players that spoke so much shit about their own skills, despite blatant cheating / ghosting (admin esp) throughout the day & night, they refused to get into conflict with us. Now this gives two options that I can think of... The admin is no longer on to ghost for them, or the admin once again spawned them in gear & vehicles and they don't want it to be found out. So with this post I would also like to make this a ban request for two specific players. Rogue & Death. Thank you for your time. (CBF reading over what I typed) Enjoy.
  2. immersion

    Are you tired of having to wear sunscreen 24/7? Those round boonie hats all the time? Want to get out of the shade and experience more in life? Well i have the topic for you. The weather cycle can be one of the most important things in Arma3 exile. Simply put, the game is more alive and more immersive. Situations changing because of the weather, fog might creep up on you in the jungle and give you more cover or blanket your enemies. Storms roll in from above giving you the play card of being able to make more noise without being caught. Rain pisses down allowing you do hectic drifts to escape your bandit pursuers. Let your vote determine how alive the server can be.