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Found 2 results

  1. immersion

    Are you tired of having to wear sunscreen 24/7? Those round boonie hats all the time? Want to get out of the shade and experience more in life? Well i have the topic for you. The weather cycle can be one of the most important things in Arma3 exile. Simply put, the game is more alive and more immersive. Situations changing because of the weather, fog might creep up on you in the jungle and give you more cover or blanket your enemies. Storms roll in from above giving you the play card of being able to make more noise without being caught. Rain pisses down allowing you do hectic drifts to escape your bandit pursuers. Let your vote determine how alive the server can be.
  2. settings

    Hello Arma 3 Exile Tanoa players, Here is a list of settings that will show you how the server cleans up certain things so you have a rough idea timeframes and so forth Cleanup Dead player/vehicles/etc after 15 minutes from time of death. Remove all deleted items from the database after 3 days Remove all territories (and constructions + containers in it) that were not paid after 7 days Remove all containers outside of territories that have not been used for 10 days Remove all constructions outside of territories that are older than 2 days or not moved for 2 days Example: Work Benches Remove all vehicles that were not moved/used for 3 days Set safe as abandoned after 7 days Deletes a base 3 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid Sets door & safe pins to 0000 and marks safes to abandoned 2 days after the flag is stolen if the ransom money isn't paid Hopefully this sums up some inquires for some players Regard's RogueAssassin