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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, On Tuesday night I had an impromptu server event to test out the new Linux server for exile. According to all reports a good time was had by all and they'd like to do it again. So tonight it's on again. The more testing the server gets before I put it online the easier it is to find bugs. The server is an exact copy of the existing server so nothing you do in it will affect the current server. (How many times can i put server in a sentence?) I'll jump on the Tanoa server and announce the event before it starts so you all get some warning. Basically what I want to do is get as many players online as I can, and get as much stuff happening as I can. What we did on tuesday night was I spawned in tanks, choppers, planes, weapons, explosives and anything else that was asked for and we destroyed anything that moved. I made changes to the weather and time cycles, so we could test that out as well. Eventually, we setup some free flowing scenarios and I spent my time spawning in wave after wave of zombies and demons while the test subjects fought them off with an assorted arsenal. It went from a wave defence, to retreat, to search and rescue and eventually full retreat and an exfil that required defending a chopper while it was repaired and then escaping the advancing horde. The server performed very well, but i'd like to do it again with more players. If you're interested, i'm planning on starting at 8pm aest (non daylight savings)
  2. Did you miss out on the Friday night event on the Exile Tanoa server? Well one of our players called BigBootyJudy managed to capture it and put it into an awesome Youtube video! Want to be involved in next weeks event? Events are held every week on Friday at 6pm AEST. Events change from week to week so get prepared for something new!