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  1. the current DB at the time going to be transferred to the new server? Or is it a fresh start?
  2. abuse

    Ill back this up in regards to ninja using the lightning shit with his tools. Just shit that doesnt need to be done. U can see me saying something in side in regards to the lightning strikes etc. To be honest the server has been great to play on etc just now its become obvious you guys arent enforcing any rules what so ever. Then to see an admin fucking about like a child in front of ppl in the trader is just a joke. I thought this server was going to be something i spent a long period of time in but at this rate ill see it through till battlefield 1 comes out and i probably wont come back unless shit changes dramatically. Theres Exile Reborn out now which is more to my liking hopefully thats takes off and servers pop up. Its a shame realy your servers awesome.
  3. Hey few suggestions, Firstly with the virtual garage i was thinking having that if your flag pole is stolen you shouldn't be able to access your vehicles in virtual garage. I'm not sure if this is something that can be done but just makes sense if your pole is gone you shouldn't be able to access the virtual garage option through your pole. Next is the trader safe zone. i know some admins have said over side that they intend to look at making the safe zone bigger etc. I think that it definately needs to be bigger and maybe the penalty slightly more than the 20% respect. Or have the safe zone ring on the map as you do now and maybe have another ring a different colour where its a no kill zone or something. Just seems to be alot of trader camping going on. The other thing is the building side of it. Should be a 1km minimum from outside of the safe zone ring. There is way too many bases within that and having a trader, spawn zone and base all in that area seems a disadvantage for others who try and run the gauntlet to buy/sell. Just my two cents. Look forward to hearing others opinions on these topics also Happy hunting ppl.
  4. Wat changes u guys making?
  5. immersion

    Yea i usually get 40+ but for some reason sometimes it takes a dump n drops under 30 for me thats almost unplayable. But i heard they were looking at changing their server hardware so hope that gives more stable performance. TBH id still play with 10 fps because the server is awesome
  6. immersion

    Im all for changing weather and junk like that. Makes the game awesome. Just if it impacts server performance fps etc then no.
  7. my pet hate is the damn spawn town bikes they always seem to render in 5mtrs in front of u when ur doing top speed. Just enough time to say hey your about to die GG.
  8. wow realy? so monthly thats around $500 bucks lol. i just want half decent download speeds.
  9. Yea thats what i thought. Arma update suppose to have better performance also...who knows arma being arma i guess. Btw great work on the server doing an awesome job
  10. Been playing abit today being saturday and have noticed the server performance has taken a massive hit. Yesterday after you mentioned upgrade to hardware the server was running like a dream o wss geting 60+ frames today barely 30. Im not sure why or if theres been more added to server
  11. Thats crazy speed. Here in australia we will never ever see anything close to that. I have nbn only the 25mb and streaming is the only thing its good for
  12. Just checking in to see if you guys are working on trying to fix the respect issue where some sessions dont seem to be saving to players once they log. Seems more so to be zombie related respect when killing them than anything else
  13. I was having the same issue of being kicked when launching to the server thru the arma 3 launcher. I found a way past it by just loading the game normally and goin into multiplayer etc. A3launcher i just found had too many issues properly launching mods etc
  14. U cant even access the trader on the other island without a boat or a heli. For new players the south trader is completely pointless.
  15. Need another trader on the main island. With the amount of pop server has the trader camping is a massive issue having just the one