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  1. abuse

    I must add though here that it is common sense for some rules. Obviously no glitches, hacks or exploits are allowed in any games. And that goes towards all players. So yes, we currently have no official rules but most are common sense.
  2. abuse

    @Thomas Cale if you would like to make a complaint about another admin, please make your own thread. It seems like you are just trying to fight fire with fire which is just going to cause more behind the scenes trouble than need be. Thanks.
  3. Since we had an issue with rules tonight, we would just like to inform everybody that the link over is the official rules for the moment! We are currently working on new rules, as Arcadion has mentioned in a previous announcement, but that does not mean we do not have any. Please obey the ones above until future notice. Thank you. BelzieWolfe
  4. You pay the same in New Zealand for 1 gig downloads as you do for 10mb download for a private house - just $100 a month. It's annoying me because we could actually get fibre with 100mb download for $10 cheaper, but our neighbours suck and haven't done the consent form for the lines to be laid.
  5. Hey guys, Sorry about this! We have no idea why this is happening, but we are currently looking into it. We shall keep you updated! -CrimsonGamingAu team
  6. Did you miss out on the Friday night event on the Exile Tanoa server? Well one of our players called BigBootyJudy managed to capture it and put it into an awesome Youtube video! Want to be involved in next weeks event? Events are held every week on Friday at 6pm AEST. Events change from week to week so get prepared for something new!
  7. Trader camping is against the rules of the server, so please do report it to an admin ASAP - we will try to have at least one on at anytime. Otherwise my only suggestion is to use the other trader off the main island. Thanks
  8. I guess you mean it's not working? Unfortunately we had an unexpected crash on the restart program while all staff were sleeping, so we weren't able to deal with it until now. It is back up now. We apologize for the inconvenience
  9. Hey our servers crashed a few hours ago while all staff were asleep, the name for the server is|Exile Tanoa|5k Start|1.0.1|1.62|Zeds|AI| You are able to find it on gamer tracker here: Sorry for the inconvenience
  10. ^ Click me to do the poll ^ Thank you to all the 23 participants on tonight's event! A big congratulations to our winners! First place: L.T. Smash Second place: Big Booty Judy Third place: Shadzs Keep an eye out for future events as we will be hosting one every Friday night at 6pm AEST.
  11. TBH

    Mhm this is hard.. TBH I don't know who you are hector I don't think I've ever met you since I'm more behinds the scenes. I hope to meet you soon!
  12. Hi there Thomas! I will make sure this information is known by the server developers and we will get back to you as soon as we can! Thanks, BelzieWolfe - CrimsonGamingAu director
  13. Hey there! Thanks for letting us know about the situation and we will be sorting it out ASAP! If you have some time, come join our teamspeak so we can discuss what's going. Thanks for playing on CrimsonGamingAu servers