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  1. Title pre much says it all... PVE Death Notices are cool and lets you know who's using what... I hunt a lot of bears and I wanna show that off hehe Stats, obviously more of the same, PVP Distance, PVE Distance, Arrows/Bullets fired, Buildings constructed, heaps of options available on it. And Monthly Comps involved with the Stats, whoever has the highest of whatever the said monthly stat is, wins something (Custom skinned items or maybe some BP help lol)... I dunno, just a few ideas I had while playing the last few hours...
  2. rust

    Hey guys, Just wanted to say hello and introduce myself. I play on the Rust server as ManicAttack, but don't let the name or my ingame appearance fool you, I'm a friendly guy. Almost 900 hours up now and still loving it. I always build up my own empire solo and help anyone I meet along the way. So if you see me gettin around say hi, I won't just shoot at you, I wanna see people have a good time and enjoy the game. PVP is like sex, it takes TWO (at least hehe) willing parties to partake, and just forcing it upon unwilling players is virtual rape. So don't do it. Just, dont... I prefer light modded servers over vanilla, as the pain isn't so severe when you wake up on a beach with no bag at home... This Rust server is very well set up and once we get some regular players, I think it might be a new hit. With the number of quality mod servers declining, let alone Aussie ones, its getting much harder to find a good place to play. Even the number of quality 24/7 Australian-ran vanilla servers is dropping, with the main exceptions being Rustralasia's servers and xRust. Looking at it like this, it predict a good flow of players coming thru just to "check it out". That's what I did, and I found this server. Even while it was broken and empty, I continued to play it, as the setup of the mods felt just right... So yeah I know I can talk a bit but I wanna see a good community grow here, I got a good feeling, and I'm 100% behind it. See ya's out there, hope the bears aren't too rude