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  1. You can now own your own family forums with a password so only your members can access them. To get started you need to private message NinjahGlitch your: Family name Password Its that easy! Once it has been created you can find it here.
  2. Hello all. We here at have been busy making the experence for you perfect. Thats why we are happy too announce the Rappel mod. Added Advanced Rappelling Added Advanced Urban Rappelling Fixed Exile Revive Script Reworked Chemlight - It can be activated via F5 as long as you have 1 in your inventory. Changed active AI missions from 6 to 3 Upcoming: Changes to Zombies spawns, density of Zombies, Bigger Hordes Adding in Debriefing Menu with changes and helpful hints about the server Adding new weather system to have realistic seasons with climate change and snow! (Pending Testing) Stay tuned in to see all the changelogs and other new goodies!
  3. TBH

    The go-karts used to actually be 600 poptabs but then with the new Tanoa map we had to use the default prices back to 1100. If you like we can make it back to 600.
  4. Thank you for your feedback and this issue has now been resolved. There is no more stutter and the FPS is great.
  5. The servers are now live!
  6. This role is very important to us and it should be to you. Everything you do will be reflected on Crimson Gaming Au. This staff application needs to be answered to the best of your ability and with honesty. If we have found out that you have lied, all powers may be revoked from you. Do you agree to answer this application with honest answers? Answer Personal Details About Yourself: Full name: Answer Gender: Answer Age: Answer What country do you live in? Answer Timezone: Answer How many hours do you play a week? Answer When are you usually online? Answer Steam ID: ( Answer When did you join the CrimsonGamingAu community? Answer General Questions: For which server is this application for? Answer What do you feel an admin’s role is on a server? Answer Have you had any experience in moderating servers before? If yes, which servers and for how long? Answer How have you been helping to better the CrimsonGamingAu community? How will you continue to make it bigger and better once you are an admin? Answer Teamwork is important in any team, especially here at CrimsonGamingAu. What do you think the most important aspects of teamwork are? Answer What sets you above all the other members that are applying for moderator? Answer Rules are important in any server. How do you feel about reinforcing these rules and how will you enforce them? Answer What will you be using your staff powers for? Answer Personal Questions: How do you deal with stress? Answer Do you consider yourself a leader? Answer Do you consider yourself a risk taker? Answer Is there anything else you would like to add? Answer
  7. This is a problem as its not that easy to keep only a handful of dinos as I am deleting the whole database. But remember everyone will be facing the wipe which means there will be no advantages when the server comes back up so its fair to all parties. Thanks for playing on our servers.
  8. Yeah that is a very good idea and we'd like to hear more of this after the wipe/upgrade. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. The Ark server will be wiped and upgraded in the next couple of days. This will wipe your character, dinos and objects on the map. What is the point of this? Better connection from client to server Smoother frames per second on server side More dinos around the map And much more! We are also thinking about keeping the Breading and Taming rate x4 but decrease the Gathering half or 3/4 to make a more slow and rewarding base development. If you are unsure you like this idea please feel free to let us know in the comments below. Thanks for your understandings, Team
  10. The ARK server is back up. Thanks for letting us know.