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  1. Hello Everyone! I'm so very sorry the server, teamspeak and all other crimsongamingau services have been offline for a week. The location where the server resides was hit by a major electrical / thunderstorm on Monday 28/11/16. Although nothing was damaged, all power was lost on the tuesday due to a branch coming down on the power lines out on the street. Once power was restored I had too many other issues to deal with (other clients I look after were affected) and so the restoring the server was put on the backburner. Add to that I had to make several trips around the state over the next few nights and i've only just sat down to restore services. If you've lost anything on the server let me know and i'll sort it out. Otherwise i'll see you when I'm next online.
  2. Hi All, Just a brief note that i'm going to away for the next week while I take my family for a holiday. If you need anything, leave a support request, i'll be checking them while i'm gone. The other admins are around, and will assist if they can.
  3. To all that participated in the test event a big thank you. I gathered a lot of information and i'm processing it all and making changes to squash the few bugs that were found. The server itself performed perfectly and the only issues of the night were several client crashes (and i blame the latest arma update and memory leaks for those). From all accounts it was a great night and very enjoyable. Or at least I enjoying being your bastard GM for the evening. I know several of you were recording so if you have anything you can share i'd love to see it (or if you don't want to put it on youtube or whatever send me a message and i'll take care of it and host it) I'll throw up some screen shots from my point of view during the barricaded hold out and the number of zombies and AI that were camping you out.
  4. I transferred a current copy across. Not that it mattered as we weren't using anything from it for the test. The server is AN EXACT copy of the current one, just runs a hell of a lot better. The event was only to stress the server out to its limits to see how it went before moving over to it. When the server is moved over, nothing will change, all you will notice is the performance increase (and weather will be back for a start) This will then free up my time to begin working on the new stuff for the server. We will always have a test server running alongside the main production one. You can join it at any time to see what is being worked on and offer suggestions, just be prepared for it to be restarted at any time while we test things. There will be a new Forum entry purely for the test server and what is occurring.
  5. Hi All, On Tuesday night I had an impromptu server event to test out the new Linux server for exile. According to all reports a good time was had by all and they'd like to do it again. So tonight it's on again. The more testing the server gets before I put it online the easier it is to find bugs. The server is an exact copy of the existing server so nothing you do in it will affect the current server. (How many times can i put server in a sentence?) I'll jump on the Tanoa server and announce the event before it starts so you all get some warning. Basically what I want to do is get as many players online as I can, and get as much stuff happening as I can. What we did on tuesday night was I spawned in tanks, choppers, planes, weapons, explosives and anything else that was asked for and we destroyed anything that moved. I made changes to the weather and time cycles, so we could test that out as well. Eventually, we setup some free flowing scenarios and I spent my time spawning in wave after wave of zombies and demons while the test subjects fought them off with an assorted arsenal. It went from a wave defence, to retreat, to search and rescue and eventually full retreat and an exfil that required defending a chopper while it was repaired and then escaping the advancing horde. The server performed very well, but i'd like to do it again with more players. If you're interested, i'm planning on starting at 8pm aest (non daylight savings)
  6. Ok! after a slow few days the isp issue is resolved and the bandwidth is back to full speed ahead. While the server was getting light use we took advantage of it and moved web hosts as well. If you have any issues with the site please let us know.
  7. Welp, that gives me a couple of days to continue working on some of the cool stuff we're looking to introduce to the server...
  8. Hi all, The server is back online, but with limited capacity. There was an issue with the ISP which has been resolved, but with limitations. Although the server and teamspeak are online, there's not a lot of bandwidth, so teamspeak will be choppy, and there's going to be LAG on the tanoa server. Script actions (towing, traders) will take a while to respond. I've been told the issue should be fully resolved by Thursday. Not much more I can do until then.
  9. Rules for the Exile Tanoa server are now LIVE. They can be accessed by going to the SERVERS AND INFORMATION tab and selecting ARMA 3 EXILE TANOA RULES These rules will now be enforced. Not knowing the rules is not an excuse. I don't want to hear anyone quoting 'there are no rules' The rules regarding bases will be enforced. We are giving you a 7 day grace period to relocate offending bases. Starting from midday Friday 7/10/16. One the grace period ends, we will delete any offending bases. These rules are not a 'how to play guide' they are just rules. I will publish something later that gives a general idea for the noobs on how to play exile, what the time limits are etc.
  10. abuse

    Right, I go away for a couple of days and this is what I come back to. I suggest everyone disengages their keyboard warrior app and takes a step back for a minute. I have no idea what is going on but let me make this perfectly clear; I am not going to tolerate witch hunts in this community. All I've been seeing is a lot of he said she said and a lot more sketchy evidence. Nicely edited videos and screenshots that have no context whatsoever. From now on if you have an issue with an admin, you send me a message. End of story. If I see another forum post created, i'll lock it, and the person who posted will get a 2 day ban from the server. There are 5 board members on the CrimsonGamingAU team, and not one of us is above the others in any way shape or form. There have been incidents recently with the use of the admin system on the server, and these incidents have been discussed internally, as they should be. If there are any more incidents, you come to me with them, and you'd better provide unedited proof. A good period of time before the incident occurs and time after are also going to be needed so I can see what is going on. We have logs. Extensive logs. Nothing happens without it being recorded. Diving into those logs is a chore though, so if I have to spend what free time I have doing so, there better be a good reason for it. I'm locking this thread, you have your instructions and you have been warned.
  11. Thomas, I agree. I am the one responsible for the rules update and it's still a work in progress. While they were being worked on there have been no rules in place. I know some people have been quoting rules left right and centre, but the truth of the matter is that we have not discussed the rules, new or old. Hopefully I can get these revised rules up and agreed on in the next day or so and then we can all get on with life. FYI your application is currently being discussed, not everyone has been available lately (families and school holidays etc) so we'll let you know real soon.
  12. Hey mate, front page in the chatbox. Rogue advised there was a server maintenance happening. Had to make some hardware changes on the box. A3 server was advised.
  13. immersion

    Hi all, We're looking into the weather issues. Ultimately we'd love to have realistic environments going on but since the last exile/arma update having weather chews into server performance. Some clients get a boost to fps, others tank. Regardless of what your client is doing, the server side performance dies, and that in turn affects ai behavior. As soon as we figure out what is doing it we'll update the server, but I can't give you a time frame on that. I for one love the tropical atmosphere, and think it adds a lot to the ebb and flow of combat. If you're a fan of the frankieonpcin1080p videos, he had a few where there were zombie hordes at night in the fog. We're looking to have an additional small pop server on a small map and build a similar experience to that. Anyway, that's a topic for another time. We'll let you all know how we go with this issue.
  14. Technically there are 3 100/40 nbn connections available to feed the server, but we're only using one. By June-ish next year the servers will be located in a local data centre and be on 400/400 or 1g, or 10g, depending on what is on offer.
  15. Hello all, I've been a little busy lately with work / life / everything else and have only just got back on the server to play and fix. The first thing I noticed was that the server rules didn't make it across from our last hosting box... I've also noticed that because of this, there are a lot of things going on in the Tanoa server that will need to be addressed in the very near future. The other admins and I will be getting together over the next few days to hammer out a new set of rules and once they are posted they will be LAW. There will be no grey areas, no discussion, no wriggle room. If it's in the rules, you abide by them. Once the rules are put up, if you have something that is breaking the rules, you will receive a message from the admins to correct it. There will be a grace period to rectify the issue. Some of the things that will be addressed are; Trader camping, Sky bases, Bases over roads, Bases close to traders and bridges, bases near loot zones. Tanoa is a new map, and we are all getting to grips with it. As a community driven team, we welcome your input to certain features and aspects of the server. When we are deciding on adding features, or making changes that affect server balance, we will create voting topics on the forum and ask for the community's input. If you don't vote, you don't make yourself heard. Before this becomes a wall of text, i'm just going to finish off with this advice for requests for help. If you need assistance with anything on the server, you have TWO options only. Get on the teamspeak server, get into the Arma 3 waiting room (it is literally the 2nd available channel) and if there is someone in the Staff on Duty channel they will assist you ASAP. If you haven't been noticed after 5 minutes, then use the poke function to get their attention (hey, I might be getting myself a coffee) The other option is right here on this website. At the top of the screen under the banner is a Support Ticket button. Go there and use it, we will respond. The admins are not on the server 24/7, but we try to help as much as we can. If you're going to accuse someone of something, or request compensation for something, you're going to need proof. All modern video cards have the ability to record gameplay. Nvidia's shadowplay by default will give you the last 20mins at the press of a button. Steam allows you to take screenshots. Learn to use these tools. See what you made me do, this was supposed to NOT be a wall of text. Why are you still reading this? Bugger off already!