• Exile Rules

    Exile is a mod in progress, there are bugs


    General Rules

    • Duping or hacking will get you permanently banned, and your ID forwarded onto battleye
    • Glitching, exploiting or griefing will get you banned for a period of time determined by the offense, if you find an exploit, report it.
    • Not knowing the rules is not an excuse, review the rules on a regular basis, as they can change
    • Bambi killing happens in pvp servers, continuous trolling of bambi zones will get you banned
    • Do not impersonate other players, admins or clans. That's a paddlin'
    • Combat logging is pathetic. We'll find you, and you'll get yours....
    • No kamikaze at all, vehicle physics in arma are weird and not in favour of the bigger car.
    • This is a PvP server. PvP happens. Don't expect someone to hold your hand.
    • If you leave a vehicle unattended the magical c4 fairy may pay it a visit
    • Cars can be hotwired with a knife, locking them and walking away does not mean they are safe.
    • Register on the website, it's where we communicate with the community
    • Don't be a dick! Seriously, it's not that hard. heh, heh heh
    • Do not disrespect the staff. If an admin is talking to you, give them your full attention.
    • Where at all possible we would prefer to take any staff-player interactions to the appropriate teamspeak channel
    • We highly suggest you use the video recording functions of your graphics card, if you have no proof, we can't help you.


    Base Raiding

    • Currently base raiding is a free for all, however base raiding while the owner of the base is offline is a sad move because there's no risk involved
    • Base raiding is being reworked, and will become much riskier, but the rewards will be greater
    • To break into bases you will need breaching charges, there are different types for different base materials
    • it requires more than one charge to breach a wall


    Money & Banking

    Your cash is now kept on you. If you die, your cash is left on your corpse. Put it in lockers to keep it safe.


    Safe Zones

    • Safe Zones are for the purpose of buying and selling only, they are not a social hangout
    • Conduct your business and move on, no loitering.
    • Not all traders are safe zones, look for the green circle on the map
    • Lockers are only available in Safe Zones
    • Do not park your vehicles in safe zones and run off to do missions.
    • Vehicles parked in safe zones will be left in an unlocked state after a server restart and are fair game.
    • Do not block the entrances and exits to Safe Zones with anything, including vehicles, players or objects.
    • Safe Zone camping is forbidden and is a bannable offense.
    • Following someone out of a Safe Zone to ambush them is the same as camping.
    • Using the Safe Zone as a shield during a fire fight will get you a 24hr ban
    • The Safe Zone bubble extends into the sky as well, so aircraft will be protected when entering the zone.
    • Do not grief in the Safe Zone.


    Griefing includes;

    • hanging around a players vehicle while they enter or exit
    • attempting to access a vehicles inventory while the owner is in or near the vehicle
    • pushing players or vehicles out of the Safe Zone
    • ramming vehicles or players
    • destroying vehicles


    Exile is full of convicts and bandits, watch your gear at all times


    Stealing in the Safe Zone is permitted, if you're foolish enough to leave crates on the ground, or your vehicles unlocked, that's too bad

    • If a player is in their vehicle, you can't take it or its contents
    • If a player is near their vehicle, you can't take it or its contents
    • If they walk away and leave it unlocked and unattended, then that was foolish indeed....
    • Sling loading or towing vehicles out of a safe zone to steal them is not permitted
    • If someone has towed a vehicle into the Safe Zone it is theirs, leave it alone



    • No sky bases. Just no.
    • The temple ruins are off limits
    • Do not build within 800m of a Safe Zone, if you have a tower base over 4 stories tall, that distance increases to 2km
    • Do not build within 800m of an airfield
    • Do not build within 800m of military bases
    • Do not build within 800m of spawn locations
    • Do not build within 500m of bridges
    • Do not build ON or OVER sealed roads. This includes bridging over roads to join towers etc. Building beside roads, or on dirt roads is fine.
    • Do not build in an area if your building will block off access to high loot spawns
    • When placing your territory flag, it MUST be placed on the GROUND.
    • Flags (the base of) MUST be accessible to players at all times for the raiding system to work, this means;
    • Do not place your flag inside an object to hide it
    • Do not place objects around your flag to trap it
    • Do not surround your flag with solid walls, there must be a door or gate to access the flag
    • From the outside wall of your base, there must be doors or gates through to the flag, how many you have is up to you
    • The same goes for safes. They must be accessible somehow.
    • All floors of a base must be accessible by stairs or ramps
    • An admin can delete your flag for you, but you are responsible for moving your base parts
    • Only one flag per player
    • If you are not sure if your base breaks the rules, ask an admin before we find it and delete it
    • Bases breaking these rules will be deleted without discussion
    • Bases/territories require protection money to be paid weekly, you can pay at the office trader
    • If the protection money is not paid, the territory and everything in it is deleted
    • Admins will not refund a deleted base or items
    • We suggest you open the XM8, click the territory tab and take a screenshot after paying your protection money
    • If you have this screenshot and your base is deleted we can do something about it


    Virtual garage

    • The virtual garage is accessed through your territory flag (and soon via xm8 app)
    • When putting vehicles into the garage, make sure they are empty as the contents are not saved
    • Using the garage is up to you, but we suggest using it for the following reasons;
    • Vehicles in the garage are not in the world, so they can not be destroyed or hotwired
    • There are bugs in exile, sometimes those bugs blow up vehicles because of their proximity to building objects
    • Vehicles in the virtual garage do not require 'maintenance' ie, they will not despawn after 3 days of non use
    • Storing your vehicles in the virtual garage lessens the load on the server, resulting in a better experience for you
    • Only vehicles that can be locked can be stored in the virtual garage
    • You can store hotwired or stolen vehicles
    • The virtual garage stores a vehicles exact position and will spit it out in the same spot and direction


    Side Chat and General Conduct
    Smack talk is a part of any pvp game, and it is expected that anyone playing this game is over 15yrs of age so we're not going to filter your language
    racism, sexism, harrassment and threats are not on. If we catch you at it, you'll receive a ban. The length will be determined by the offense
    No Voice chat in side or global channels
    We have a teamspeak server at ts.crimsongamingau.com and we suggest you use it, it's better than the voice in the game


    Admins and staff / Help and assistance

    • The admins are here to fix things and police the server, they are not your lackeys
    • DO report infringements of the rules
    • DO let us know if you have issues caused by the server
    • DON'T argue with an admin. We have lives too, and we spend our free time doing this for you.
    • DON'T start spamming an admin via game for assistance, use the help system
    • An admin's decision is final, accept it and move on
    • If you absolutely must contest a decision, open a support ticket on the website. Support tickets are reviewed by all admins
    • If you feel an admin is abusing their authority, report them on the website via a support ticket
    • If you need help, join the help waiting room on the teamspeak, check the staff on duty channel. If there is an admin present, poke them for assistance.
    • If there is no admin in the staff on duty channel, do not go looking for other staff or harrass them, they are off duty. Go to the website and lodge a support ticket, and we will respond as soon as we are able.
    • Any support requests will require evidence. Screenshots might work, but video is better. Use your shadowplay or equivalent to record your gameplay.
    • Staff will not refund you for mistakes, dying to stairs or rocks, forgetting to pay your protection money, or losing items to gameplay ie raiding.
    • Staff will refund you for server issues, provided you have evidence.


    there are no lock on launchers or thermals here. We're all prisoners, where would we find that stuff?? If you find any, or see anyone using that sort of gear, report it.


    Quick details on time limits:


    The server restarts every 3 hours, make sure you keep an eye on the restart countdown timer. Make sure you logout BEFORE the timer expires, otherwise there is no guarantee that your gear and/or vehicles will save to the database. If your gear is rolled back after server restart we will not help you.


    • Cars that are left out on the map and not driven will despawn after 3 days
    • Structures without a territory will despawn after 2 days
    • Containers (safes, crates) that are not part of a territory will despawn after 7 days
    • Territories need to have protection money paid (like rent) it lasts for 7 days. If you have not paid, the base (and everything in it) despawns.
    • If you have your flag stolen, you have 7 days to pay the ransom and then return your flag. If you do not pay the ransom, after 6 days your base unlocks and everything in it is up for grabs, after the 7th day, your base will despawn.
    • After you die, your body will remain where it fell for 15 minutes, then it will despawn. Players can hide bodies. Get back quick.
    • Zombie bodies only last a few minutes, and they have loot, so check them before they decompose.